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At Braveheart Tours our aim is to give you, what we consider to be, the Ultimate Scottish Tour Experience. Each ‘Ultimate’ Tour is planned around a specific theme of Scottish History and modern-day Scotland. Our Tours are private, specialised tours with small groups of people to ensure it stays intimate and unique while allowing us to take our guests into places where large groups might not be able to visit.

The tours are intense, well-researched, and packed with information, interesting stops, events, and storytelling.  We strive to give you top-class service and a fun experience.

All of our Tours are Daytrips usually run from pick-up at 09:00, and drop-off around 17:00.

We look forward to welcoming you to beautiful Scotland!


·       To secure your place on one of Braveheart Tours’ trips, please book in advance. 

·       A full payment, as per the advertised rates, will secure your reservation.

·       Our Rates exclude meals, drinks, and/or entrance at sites where an admission fee applies.

·       Group bookings of 4 or more will be eligible for a 10% discount.  

Cancellation Policy:

·       Cancellation 48 hours in advance = Full Refund

·       Cancellation less than 48 hours in advance = No Refund

·       Refunds will take a maximum of 10 working days to process. 


Experience the story of William Wallace – Scotland’s hero, alias Braveheart, at its best. We will take you on a tour through the Scottish countryside, visiting all of the different sites that played significant roles in William Wallace’s life story. 

Walking in the footsteps of William Wallace, from cradle to just before his death, we will take you on the journey of one of Scotland’s most well-known and heroic legends.  

Our William Wallace tour will start with the Battle of Falkirk, with the first stop being Almondell Wallacestone near the Almondell Country Park, where William Wallace had gathered his troops for this historic battle; followed by a visit to the Wallacestone Memorial on the hill in Falkirk where it is said that he stood overseeing the Battle of Falkirk. 

A stop at the actual battlefield where this all took place in 1298, will conclude this first part of the tour. 

Moving on to Stirling, we will be visiting the famous National Wallace Monument, where we will be spending time and get an in-depth overview of his life; including some important facts about the battle against the English, that took place there.  

After lunch near the Wallace Monument, we will first visit the famous spot where the Battle of Stirling was fought in 1297 and then head to the area near Glasgow where William Wallace was betrayed and given over to the English authorities. 

Turning the clock of his life back, we go to where it all started for William Wallace – his place of birth and his childhood home in Elderslie, near Glasgow. 

Lastly, we will visit Dumbarton Castle where William Wallace was held by the English authorities before his trial and execution at Smithfield, London. 

At the end of this full day, when we finish our tour at the morning’s pick-up spot, we hope and believe that you will not only walk away with a wider knowledge of the trials, tribulations, and legend of Sir William Wallace but also a deeper understanding for his motivation, passion and the man he was.  


This tour is the Ultimate tour for those that love and embrace Entrepreneurship, Wealth, Business, and World Economy. 

Kicking off this tour at supersonic speed is a visit to the National Museum of Flight that is the home to Scotland’s Concorde, Golf Bravo Alpha Alpha. She was the first of her kind to go into service with British Airways in 1976, and later years, after the Concorde fleet was decommissioned in 2003, came to rest at the National Museum of Flight in East Fortune. 

After our visit to the Concorde what better place to go to than the childhood home of the Father of Economics, Adam Smith? In Kirkcaldy, in Fife we will take you to the school and church of his childhood, as well as the place where he wrote the renowned work known as “Wealth of Nations” in 1776 (the same year that the 13 colonies in America got their independence).  

From Adam Smith to Scotland’s greatest entrepreneur, Andrew Carnegie. You will experience his life story in depth at the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum in Dunfermline, and see how this ‘wee Scot’ became the richest person in the world in his time! 

One of Andrew Carnegie’s purchases (1902) in Dunfermline, was Pittencrieff Park, which we will take a stroll through on our way to lunch in this historical town – one of Scotland’s previous capital cities (before Edinburgh became the capital). 

After lunch we will go back to Edinburgh to show you the sites where Adam Smith stayed later in life, and visit his graveyard.  

To fully grasp the impact that Scotland had in the Industrial Revolution, we will visit the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. 

To round off the tour in style we will go for a round of posh drinks in the the Prince Bar, at the famous 5* Balmoral Hotel (1 Princes Street). 


Royalty and Scotland has been synonymous since the year 843, so there is much to see and experience on this tour!  

What better way to start a tour about Royalty, than a little bit of history around one of Scotland’s heroines, Mary Queen of Scots. We visit Carberry Tower Mansion and Estate, where the 26 confederate lords took Mary into custody on that fateful 15th of June, before imprisoning her in Loch Leven Castle and ultimately ending her reign. 

After a sombre start, we move onto something a little shinier, like the oldest Crown Jewels; as well as The Stone of Destiny (also called the Bethel Stone) whereupon Kings and Queens were, and still are to this day, coronated at Edinburgh Castle. 

From Edinburgh Castle, we move on to Holyrood Palace where we will enjoy lunch at ‘The Café at the Palace’ before we visit the home of the British Royal Family. 

After Holyrood Palace, we will head straight to the Royal Yacht Britannia to see the Queen Elizabeth II ship at Ocean Terminal for the rest of the afternoon. 

Our tour will conclude with a trip back to the morning’s pick-up point. 


Experience the rich history of Christianity in Scotland, dating back to 400 CE. 

Starting off this pilgrimage of The Ultimate Scottish Religious Tour is a stop at St. Andrews, the town named after the first disciple of Jesus Christ. You will see the port where Saint Andrew’s relics were originally taken to in 732 AD, by Saint Rule from Patras, Greece ( where Saint Andrew died), as well as the ruins of the St Andrew Cathedral, where his relics was stored. 

Another significant spot in this area is where George Wishart, a Protestant Reformer, was martyred for his faith. We will take you along on his story and the important role his bodyguard, none other than Scotland’s greatest reformer in the Protestant movement, John Knox, played in it.  

We will then move on to Dunfermline to visit Dunfermline Abbey where Saint Margaret “The Pearl of Scotland”, and Scotland’s famous king, Robert de Bruce, were buried.  

Our next stop in Blantyre is one that tells an amazing and enchanting story of bravery, guts, a pioneering spirit, and strong faith. The Ultimate Scottish Religious Tour will not be complete without a visit to the home and museum of the famous missionary for Africa, David Livingstone. You will get an in-depth understanding and overview of his whole life, everything he achieved, and the legacy he left behind, from beginning to end. 

Here, at the David Livingstone Museum, is also where we will linger for lunch and process all of what we have just learned before we head back to Edinburgh. 

Upon our return to Edinburgh, we will visit the picturesque John Knox House on Royal Mile, where you will learn more about the Reformation, how people lived 400 years ago, and the life of John Knox. 

To end off this Ultimate Scottish Religious Tour we visit two of the most significant churches in Edinburgh. First, the famous St Giles Church, where John Knox was a forerunner in the Scottish Reformation and the forming of the Church of Scotland. Out last stop will be a short visit to St Mary Catholic Cathedral to see the National Shrine of Saint Andrew, where St. Andrews relics ended up.  


Welcome to Scotland, the Birthplace of Golf! 

This tour is compiled for all the passionate golfers and lovers of all things GOLF, as we take you to the most important spots in Scotland which defined the game of golf since the 15th Century.

The first record of golf in Scotland dates back to the 15th century – 1457 to be precise. Golf was banned by parliament as it was seen as a distraction for the soldiers during their training. The ban was repealed 45 years later and King James IV made the first documented purchase of golf clubs in 1502. 

Our Executive Scotland Golf Tour tees off with a visit to Musselburgh golf course which, until recently, was seen as the oldest (1672) according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Nearby Seton Castle was one of Mary Queen of Scots’ favourite homes and also where, it is claimed, she played golf in 1567.

Our next stop, Leith Links, dubbed The Home of Golf, is shrouded in myth, folklore, anecdotes, and rich history. We will take you on a journey of discovery of where it all started – with five holes, the first official set of golf rules, the origin of the term “Fore!” and much more fun and amazing golf trivia.

After the Home of Golf, we will take you to the oldest (1400 AD), and most famous, golf course in the world. The legendary St. Andrews golf course is the ultimate golfing experience and a true bucket list item for many. Not only will you learn about the history of St. Andrews, but you will be able to see the 18th green where all the greats like Jack Nicklaus, Seve Ballesteros, Tom Watson, and Sir Nick Faldo played on.

We will then visit the St. Andrews Golf Museum which will leave you with an in-depth understanding of the history of golf. The St. Andrews Golf Museum offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of golf, and the legendary players that walked, played and made history on St. Andrews Golf Course. 

After your experience at the Golf Museum, we will have lunch at the Scores Hotel, with a spectacular view over West Sands Beach, one of the locations where the Academy Award-winning sports film, Chariots of Fire, was shot.

Last but not least , we will take you to St. Andrews Indoor Golf Centre where you will be able to play and practise your swings in comfort, with the latest equipment available. A great opportunity to show off you golfing skills to round out the day!


What is the difference between whiskey, whisky and scotch? On this tour you will get these answers and many more! 

We will be heading for the beautiful Scottish countryside and visit our first distillery at Glenkinchi East Lothian, followed by Edinburgh’s new ‘Whisky and Gin Distillery’ at Holyrood.   

Followed by lunch at the very popular Tigerlily restaurant.  

We saved the best for last – we are concluding our tour with a visit to the new modern Johnny Walker Whisky Experience in Princes street. A great treat with outstanding views, not to be missed! 

After this tour you might just be a whiskey connoisseur! 

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