The Ultimate Scottish Religious Tour

Experience the rich history of Christianity in Scotland, dating back to 400 CE. 

Starting off this pilgrimage of The Ultimate Scottish Religious Tour is a stop at St. Andrews, the town named after the first disciple of Jesus Christ. You will see the port must be Saint Andrews Relics were originally taken to in 347 AD, by Saint Rule from Patras, Greece ( where Saint Andrew died), as well as the ruins of the St Andrew Cathedral, where his relics was stored. 

Another significant spot in this area is where George Wishart, a Protestant Reformer, was martyred for his faith. We will take you along on his story and the important role his bodyguard, none other than Scotland’s greatest reformer in the Protestant movement, John Knox, played in it.  

We will then move on to Dunfermline to visit Dunfermline Abbey where Saint Margaret “The Pearl of Scotland”, and Scotland’s famous king, Robert de Bruce, were buried.  

Our next stop in Blantyre is one that tells an amazing and enchanting story of bravery, guts, a pioneering spirit, and strong faith. The Ultimate Scottish Religious Tour will not be complete without a visit to the home and museum of the famous missionary for Africa, David Livingstone. You will get an in-depth understanding and overview of his whole life, everything he achieved, and the legacy he left behind, from beginning to end. 

Here, at the David Livingstone Museum, is also where we will linger for lunch and process all of what we have just learned before we head back to Edinburgh. 

Upon our return to Edinburgh, we will visit the picturesque John Knox House on Royal Mile, where you will learn more about the Reformation, how people lived 400 years ago, and the life of John Knox. 

To end off this Ultimate Scottish Religious Tour we visit two of the most significant churches in Edinburgh. First, the famous St Giles Church, where John Knox was a forerunner in the Scottish Reformation and the forming of the Church of Scotland. Out last stop will be a short visit to St Mary Catholic Cathedral to see the National Shrine of Saint Andrew, where St. Andrews relics ended up. 

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