The Wealth of Nations tour

This tour is the Ultimate tour for those that love and embrace Entrepreneurship, Wealth, Business, and World Economy. 

Kicking off this tour at supersonic speed is a visit to the National Museum of Flight that is the home to Scotland’s Concorde, Golf Bravo Alpha Alpha. She was the first of her kind to go into service with British Airways in 1976, and later years, after the Concorde fleet was decommissioned in 2003, came to rest at the National Museum of Flight in East Fortune. 

After our visit to the Concorde what better place to go to than the childhood home of the Father of Economics, Adam Smith? In Kirkcaldy, in Fife we will take you to the school and church of his childhood, as well as the place where he wrote the renowned work known as “Wealth of Nations” in 1776 (the same year that the 13 colonies in America got their independence).  

From Adam Smith to Scotland’s greatest entrepreneur, Andrew Carnegie. You will experience his life story in depth at the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum in Dunfermline, and see how this ‘wee Scot’ became the richest person in the world in his time! 

One of Andrew Carnegie’s purchases (1902) in Dunfermline, was Pittencrieff Park, which we will take a stroll through on our way to lunch in this historical town – one of Scotland’s previous capital cities (before Edinburgh became the capital). 

After lunch we will go back to Edinburgh to show you the sites where Adam Smith stayed later in life, and visit his graveyard.  

To fully grasp the impact that Scotland had in the Industrial Revolution, we will visit the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. 

To round of the tour is style posh drinks at Tigerlily bar, one of Edinburgh most trendy bars

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