The William Wallace tour

Experience the story of William Wallace – Scotland’s hero, alias Braveheart, at its best. We will take you on a tour through the Scottish countryside, visiting all of the different sites that played significant roles in William Wallace’s life story. 

Walking in the footsteps of William Wallace, from cradle to just before his death, we will take you on the journey of one of Scotland’s most well-known and heroic legends.  

Our William Wallace tour will start with the Battle of Falkirk, with the first stop being Almondell Wallacestone near the Almondell Country Park, where William Wallace had gathered his troops for this historic battle; followed by a visit to the Wallacestone Memorial on the hill in Falkirk where it is said that he stood overseeing the Battle of Falkirk. 

A stop at the actual battlefield where this all took place in 1298, will conclude this first part of the tour. 

Moving on to Stirling, we will be visiting the famous National Wallace Monument, where we will be spending time and get an in-depth overview of his life; including some important facts about the battle against the English, that took place there.  

After lunch near the Wallace Monument, we will first visit the famous spot where the Battle of Stirling was fought in 1297 and then head to the area near Glasgow where William Wallace was betrayed and given over to the English authorities. 

Turning the clock of his life back, we go to where it all started for William Wallace – his place of birth and his childhood home in Elderslie, near Glasgow. 

Lastly, we will visit Dumbarton Castle where William Wallace was held by the English authorities before his trial and execution at Smithfield, London. 

At the end of this full day, when we finish our tour at the morning’s pick-up spot, we hope and believe that you will not only walk away with a wider knowledge of the trials, tribulations, and legend of Sir William Wallace but also a deeper understanding for his motivation, passion and the man he was.  

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